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Good communication is important and is becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector. The information within high-tech agriculture is becoming increasingly complex. The sector is under the magnifying glass of society. What is going on? What are the trends and developments? And how does it work? We share our findings and experiences.

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Why social media? The opportunities for online marketing communication


Social media is increasingly establishing a firm place for itself in the marketing mix. Not surprisingly, as the various platforms continue to grow and the applications continue to develop. More and more possibilities are emerging. However, 'not because you should, but because you can' is not the right motivation. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities, not least for the agricultural sector. Opportunities that may remain unexploited because 'they don't add anything'. Below are three answers to the question: 'Why social media?'

1. Getting into the minds of your target group

Almost everyone scrolls through a timeline, but that timeline is perceived differently by each individual. That is where the power of social media marketing lies: with the right content, you can get into the minds of your target group. While scrolling, your target group is open to the information in their own 'bubble'. How can you add something to that information? In other words, how do you tempt them to consume your content? Once they have found you as a follower, you will - provided you remain relevant - have your own fan base that no marketing tool can match.

2. Get exponential results using good content

Reach can be 'bought' through advertising, but what users do with your content cannot. If you want sustainable and exponential results, relevance is key. So don't use content to advertise, instead use it to profile your company. If you know how to use social media as a real part of your service - i.e. actually adding or delivering something to your target group instead of referring to what you are doing - then involvement and relevant followers will follow automatically. The algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter reward this involvement with visibility in the timelines of similar users: this is the start of the so-called 'snowball effect'. So it's win-win-win!

3. More measurable and controllable than any other tool

Just because content works for an agricultural contractor does not automatically spell success for a livestock farmer. Contrary to the traditional media, where we often rely on 'gut feeling', social media gives you the opportunity to measure your actions very precisely. With clear KPIs (key performance indicators) you get insight into such factors as reach, clicks and involvement per message. You not only know how many people have actually seen your message, but also how they react to it. Using social media is an ongoing process: with continuous analysis you can get even closer to your target group and you can build on existing successes.

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