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Good communication is important and is becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector. The information within high-tech agriculture is becoming increasingly complex. The sector is under the magnifying glass of society. What is going on? What are the trends and developments? And how does it work? We share our findings and experiences.

image Trade Fair

National or international trade fair


In November the biennial Agritechnica is on the agenda again. The 'world's leading trade fair for agritechnical machinery', as organiser DLG announces the exhibition. Which is true. Anyone who has visited the Agritechnica knows how big this international trade fair is.

Big trade fair

Some figures about the coming edition of the Agritechnica (November 2019): 2,802 exhibitors from 52 countries in 23 halls. The organisation is expecting 458,000 visitors from 130 countries. Many exhibitors and visitors will be from Germany, The Netherlands, England, France, Italy and Denmark.

More and more companies choose to visit international exhibitions instead of regional ones. International exhibitions are especially interesting with regard to product introductions, dealer meetings and finding new international resellers.

Exhibiting at a trade fair

Does visiting trade fairs offer starting points to take a closer look at your marketing communication and, in particular, participating in trade fairs? Each trade fair has its own audience and its own approach. From our own media surveys, we know that farmers prefer personal contact. Visiting an exhibition is an easy way to meet in person and in particular to meet new clients, dealers or advisors.

Specialist exhibition

Exhibitions play an important role when entrepreneurs are planning investments. In a short period of time visitors gain insight into trends and innovations. They can literally see and feel what is for sale. Our media surveys among pig and poultry farmers and arable farmers growing grain, potatoes, beets and vegetables, show that visiting an international exhibition has a correlation with the size of the company; entrepreneurs from large companies visit international exhibitions more often.

National or regional exhibitions

National or regional exhibitions play an important role in maintaining the business relations. From our media survey, we know that almost every cattle farmer, pig farmer and poultry farmer visits regional exhibitions. As an exhibitor this gives you the opportunity to get in touch with all your relations in a short period of time and to present yourself to prospects.  

What is the best trade fair for you?

Each trade fair has its own audience and its own approach. You should base your decision to participate on the type of visitors, not on the number of visitors. The important questions are: 'for what purpose do you participate in a trade fair?' and 'who do you focus on?'. If you are looking to expand internationally, an international specialist exhibition or commercial exhibition can be a very efficient way to put your company or product on the map. However, it often requires a considerable investment, which is why it is important to make a well-considered choice.

Trade fair concept

With big international trade fairs, we see that the size of the fair forces visitors to make choices and plan which halls and/or stands they visit. It is therefore important to be on their shortlist and to take the necessary actions before the exhibition. We can support you in making the best possible use of the opportunities offered by exhibitions. From concept, planning and stand construction up to and including publicity about your participation in the exhibition. We have media contacts all over Europe. We can also organise trade fair events for you. If you would like to know more about the possibilities of exhibitions in your marketing mix, please contact me.

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