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Good communication is important and is becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector. The information within high-tech agriculture is becoming increasingly complex. The sector is under the magnifying glass of society. What is going on? What are the trends and developments? And how does it work? We share our findings and experiences.

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How an active Facebook community proves itself


Facebook is the ideal social media platform for interaction with agricultural target groups. Farmers use it far more (61.3%) than media such as Twitter or Instagram. For example, a survey among agricultural contractors showed that no less than 92% of the contractors that are active on social media choose Facebook as their medium (e.g. Twitter is used by only 22%). This means that using Facebook provides many potential opportunities to reach your target groups, but how do you create genuine involvement with your page?

Don't focus on likes only

One is often inclined to focus on the number of page-likes. But a like doesn't say anything about the impact of a message or how your product or page is perceived. Focus on your goal with your Facebook page, what do you want to achieve?

Provide likeable content

Qualitative content expresses what you stand for as an organisation. That doesn't mean that everything you post has to be complicated or extensive; on the contrary! Share relevant content with your target group, but don't make it too serious or commercial. Photos from practice, short videos, news, small research projects and other news items carry your message and provide likeable content.

Followers become ambassadors

Interaction is an important strength of Facebook, so use that. With followers who really like your page because of what you do, you increase your reach as well as your reliability. Enthusiastic reactions, sincere likes, shares and personal interaction turn your followers into ambassadors. Cherish them.

Top-of-mind with the target group

Ambassadors are of great value, especially within specific, relatively small agricultural target groups that are often a one-horse town. Particularly within these circles, content that spreads through friends or friends of friends is an effective way to become and remain top-of-mind. So don't focus on the number of page-likes, but build an active, engaged community that will prove itself.

Want to know more?

Are you curious whether Facebook can offer added value for your organisation or product? Or how to turn your business account into an active community? Mail me at

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