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Good communication is important and is becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector. The information within high-tech agriculture is becoming increasingly complex. The sector is under the magnifying glass of society. What is going on? What are the trends and developments? And how does it work? We share our findings and experiences.

image agri media database

A tailor-made media plan with our European agricultural media database


There is a wide range of agricultural and horticultural media. It varies from generalist to highly specialised trade media. Which titles and channels do you use to reach the farmers and gardeners of the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France or elsewhere in Europe? Together with our German partner Plantamedium, AgriCommunicatie has a unique database with media data of more than 300 agricultural and horticultural media in over 27 countries in Europe. For a customized media planning, with which you reach the agricultural sector and its chain partners in an optimal and effective manner.

Differentiating target groups

There is no such thing as ‘the farmer’. Each agricultural target group has its own special interest media, often both online and offline. Creating an optimal media mix requires, in addition to thorough knowledge of the media landscape, insight into the customer journey and buyer personas of your target group. A media plan for arable farmers differs from a plan for cattle farmers, pig farmers, poultry farmers, greenhouse horticulturists, open field horticulturists, winemakers or fruit growers. Vets, contractors and farm advisers read and watch different media than potato, grain, dairy or beef farmers. Ultimately, the media you choose depends on your campaign objective, your target audience and your budget.

Advertising or publicity

A product launch, strengthening of brand awareness, a theme or action campaign each require a clear strategy and planning of media deployment. We can make several selections for you in our European agricultural media database. Would you like to advertise nationally or internationally or learn more about other publicity options, such as press releases? Contact us today to optimise your media mix and increase the effectiveness of your marketing budget.

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