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Good communication is important and is becoming increasingly important for the agricultural sector. The information within high-tech agriculture is becoming increasingly complex. The sector is under the magnifying glass of society. What is going on? What are the trends and developments? And how does it work? We share our findings and experiences.

video identity

A good corporate video identity enhances the success rate of videos and animations


Animations and video can be an excellent means of communication to get a message across. The combination of image and sound can have a bigger impact and it is an easy way for the viewer to absorb complex information. With the rise of online communication and the use of social media - also in the agricultural sector - the possibilities for video and animations are increasing (source: online survey).

Brand identity

Remember that video and animations can support your brand, just like all other communication tools. Or not. On Youtube and Facebook you regularly see beautiful videos but unfortunately it is often not clear for what brand they are. Or you see videos about the same brand that are very different from each other, causing people to be unclear about the brand identity.

Corporate video identity

A good corporate video identity ensures that every video you produce is in line with the brand identity, with regard to use of images, colours, font and position of the logo. For the video identity specifics for e.g. music, sound effects, the speed with which the images are cut and the use of the voice over are added to that. By adhering to these specifics, you create a uniform and recognisable audiovisual style that reinforces your brand. 


A video identity consists of a leader, title card, bumper and outro. These are fixed elements that we make once and that are used in every video. Once they are made, they are easy to cut into every new video.


The leader usually is a short video or animation of the logo or a campaign image. It is one of the most important parts of the video identity. It is a short and concise 'business card' at the beginning of the video or animation. This is the first thing people see when viewing a video or animation.

Title card

The title card shows who or what can be seen in the video or animation. It often contains elements from the leader.


A bumper forms the connection between different subjects in a video. It ensures a smooth transition.


The outro concludes the video and animation. It often resembles the leader. It can show contact details or strengthen the call for action. The outro links the positive experiences of the video to your company or brand.

Get more out of your videos

In order to get the most out of the use of videos, it is important to have a clear idea in advance of the message you want to convey to the viewer. AgriCommunicatie can write a script and a storyboard for you. We provide you with a clear story line that makes the message stick. A storyboard ensures that you record the shots that are needed to endorse your message. Using our knowledge of the agricultural and veterinary sector, we choose a catchy storyline. We know which shots will be decisive for the target group and support the brand experience. 

Here are two examples of a video ident.

Ident de Hoop
beeld videoreportage

Want to know more? Please contact me about the possibilities of a video identity for your company, organisation or event.

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